Sam Black

United Kingdom

Uses twice the recommended daily allowance of `dnf check-update`.

  • 2021-09-20T14:40:10Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    "You have a problem with spamming, Mr. Anderson. You believe you are special, that somehow the spam rules do not apply to you. Obviously, you are mistaken."

  • 2021-08-25T15:05:45Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    Yes, that is a phishing page sent to a client.
    Yes, it is a subdomain of `⁨⁩`.
    Yes, it is owned by Microsoft.
    No, it isn't new ⁨
    No, there isn't a clear way of reporting this.
    No, they won't spare a few million to attempt to fix this.
  • 2021-07-28T17:27:56Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    TIL the exported audit log from Microsoft Compliance Admin centre can silently miss entries.
    I wasted over an hour finding that out.
    And people wonder why I dislike Microsoft products.
  • 2021-07-01T08:02:33Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    Whilst Github Copilot sounds cool, I can't see it being used commercially.
    It sends your code to Github first, then how do you evidence where the suggested code comes from?
    I can't imagine a company opening themselves up to liabilities of wrt confidentiality or code providence.
  • 2021-06-16T17:51:53Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    Looks like sponson's back on the menu boys.

    And I would read about it just after I've had a pig of an afternoon with a post upgrade podman soiling itself.
  • 2021-06-11T08:16:39Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    Now Firefox 89 has landed in Fedora and I've seen the new UI "in the flesh", I don't hate it.

    I don't like it either, but with userChrome and I can put it back to how I like it.

    I'm dreading the day Mozilla removes userChrome though, and I'd be very tempted to start looking for an alternate browser at that point.

    I cannot fathom why Mozilla won't leave, and promote, userChrome for the tinkerers and power users.
    It could just sit there behind a "This may break stuff, only enable if you're OK with this" preference and they'd placate the users who want to customise Firefox and keep users who just want a working browser away from unwanted side effects.

    But I can't see that happening, and the reasons Firefox became popular in the first place (new features, customisability and a expanding group of evangelising users) don't exist any more.
  • 2021-06-08T15:24:07Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    Let the kludges flow.
  • 2021-06-08T14:54:43Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    Selecting a "Date Only" data type doesn't create a date only data type.
    You also have to select the "Date only" Behaviour, under a default collapsed section, for it to be date only.
    Fucking hell.

  • 2021-06-08T13:32:41Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    Oh thats why the flow to email notifications of actions due today doesn't work.
    FFS Microsoft.
  • 2021-06-02T09:58:44Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    Me: opens "How to install X on CentOS" guide
    Guide: Step 1 - Disable `selinux`
    Me: closes guide

    X as in, or as $THING? Guessing the latter 😁

    JanKusanagi at 2021-06-02T13:57:48Z

    Yeah, $APP would probably have been better 😝
    Although disabling selinux for is still just as bad.

    Sam Black at 2021-06-02T17:33:19Z

  • 2021-05-27T13:58:30Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    Amazon have offloaded their hosting to Google. /s
    I realise that playing whack-a-mole with these scam sites is never ending but c'mon Google, spare a few engineers to at least attempt to stem the tide.

    They can't spare anyone, they don't have enough money 😁

    JanKusanagi at 2021-05-27T17:09:18Z

  • 2021-05-11T08:33:34Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    I've given up on pipewire in Fedora 34, it has a grudge against my USB headset where it detects it, sends sound to it, but doesn't actually play sound.
    Back to pulseaudio until next release.
  • 2021-04-08T17:02:41Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    Well I'll not be recommending Wix to clients going forward.

    Website maker Wix embarks on weird WordPress-trashing campaign, sends 'influencer' users headphones from 'WP'

  • 2021-02-19T15:51:04Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    After spending 2 days fighting snap/snapcraft, I've found the easiest, least stressful way to make snaps is to use unsquashfs/mksquashfs.

    Well done Canonical for tooling that makes it difficult to work in your ecosystem.

    Distribution packages FTW 😁

    JanKusanagi at 2021-02-19T19:29:06Z

  • 2021-02-18T11:26:11Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    Isn't snap the point of Ubuntu Core?
    Snark aside, this is the 3rd attempt with Core after not finding the `LABEL=writable` FS, UEFI errors, then this.
    This is meant for production? If it weren't free I'd be requesting a refund.

  • 2021-01-11T14:11:38Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    Even though I'm unlikely to add HMRC as a payee again, I'm still grateful to know I've got the right account info and the hints for what reference to use in the memo field are a neat touch.
    Build nice UX like this please, even if you know people will only ever use it once.
  • 2021-01-11T09:44:08Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    At least the scammer was upfront with their intentions.
  • 2021-01-06T09:54:57Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    That didn't take long.

    Rees-Mogg caught flouting Covid rules after crossing tiers to attend Latin mass
  • 2021-01-04T21:04:56Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    Should we take bets on which UK Gov minister/advisor gets caught breaking lockdown 2.0?
    Submissions in Cluedo format of person, place and excuse?
    I reckon Priti Patel, in the Channel off Hastings, testing her anti immigrant wave machines. /s
  • 2020-07-15T14:05:09Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    The tech industry are hopeless at seeing the stuff we make as just a tool used to achieve a goal and then not used until needed again.
    We see it as something to immerse yourself in to know every detail.
    This is why we end up with confusing UX and convoluted products.