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Bootstrapping #pkgsrc on #pinebook. Just playing around before installing #NetBSD. ❌ likes this.

Have you checked what works and doesn't work before installing? I considered NetBSD, but lots of stuff isn't there yet for the Pinebook. ❌ at 2019-01-20T07:10:26Z

No, I haven't checked. But I'm a NetBSD developer so it's kind of a foregone conclusion what I'll do :-)  Will definitely be installing -current, not the 8.0 release, after I finish fixing a couple of my pkgsrc packages on the Pinebook's Linux.

Amitai Schleier at 2019-01-21T03:09:32Z ❌ likes this.

Ah! Well, in that case it makes a lot of sense. :-)

If you can make NetBSD run well on the Pinebook, with sound, full video resolution and WiFi, I promise to switch to NetBSD on it, and you will be my personal hero forever. ❌ at 2019-01-21T04:25:54Z

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