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[he/they] Software development coach. Itinerant programmer. Legacy code wrestler. podcaster. Musician. Bad poet (award-winning).

  • 2020-11-16T14:09:28Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    This is tomorrow (!). You have < 30 hours to RSVP:

    @jitterted #Java #JUG #OOP #Refactoring #EvolutionaryDesign #XP
  • 2020-11-14T13:21:31Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    People using #qmail have been carefully applying patches for _decades_ to get #STARTTLS, #AUTH, and other basics.

    This will change.

    How should notqmail be shaped so that modern features like these are easy to land? I've collected some thoughts:
  • 2020-11-05T17:59:52Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    Announcing our next JC-JUG meetup: on Nov 17, join us for "Stop Obsessing about Primitives" with Ted M. Young!

    When's the meetup, in your timezone?

    #Java #OO #XP
  • 2020-10-06T22:26:31Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    Remember when meetups still happened in locations? 1 of 50 at today's #jcjug revival admitted to living in the NY area. (Not me.) Also the talk wasn't even about #Java.

    But we did real good, because we got "More Smaller Steps" with @GeePawHill.

  • 2020-09-13T09:18:58Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    Current butterfly situation
  • 2020-08-14T20:37:23Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    More fun than I'm entitled to: persuading #Python to build correctly on #Linux with a slightly older Python already installed. This abstruse use case — which if you had to give a name, you might call "updating" — now works. Just use #pkgsrc.

  • 2020-08-09T19:13:34Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    I've trained my kid to tell me whenever he ausfahrts. Where do I pick up my award?
  • 2020-07-04T06:13:04Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    Interpreted generously, the original American project aimed to break free of tyranny and defend human rights in a new, more universal way.

    July 4 seems a fine occasion to reflect that a more perfect union remains as worthy a project as ever.
  • 2020-06-21T13:20:42Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    As we work toward notqmail 1.09 and beyond, we’d like to hear from more folks who’ve…

    1. Updated your #qmail or netqmail installs to notqmail. (Yay! Anything tricky?)

    2. Tried and failed to update. (What blew up?)

    3. Decided not to try yet. (What were some of your reasons?)
  • 2020-05-24T06:38:19Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    Folks using #notqmail from pkgsrc, 1.08 is now available: Please update.
  • 2020-05-20T21:32:26Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    notqmail 1.08 is out. Vulnerabilities and other bugs fixed, compiler warnings reduced, dead code pruned, presumed-dead code put on notice, my QMAILREMOTE patch added, and lo and behold, our first few unit tests.

  • 2020-05-16T19:25:28Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    A little piano today. First chance in nearly two months.
  • 2020-05-12T20:06:37Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    I've guested on lots of podcasts; last month (before life got more interesting) I tried my hand at hosting. For the 100th episode of Developer's Journey, Tim Bourguignon tried his hand at guesting. Coincidence??!? (Also, how'd we do?)

  • 2020-05-07T11:12:18Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    Finias, here’s world. World, here’s Finias:

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  • 2020-04-29T21:14:02Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    Today, T (almost 3) issued his first statement of the form “if not P then Q”; determined that not-P; on that basis, requested Q; and determined that Q.

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  • 2020-04-25T19:36:44Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    Oddly cloudy and blue skies on Mars today. Maybe worth a trip.

    Heh, we wish!! 😅

    JanKusanagi at 2020-04-25T19:38:20Z

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  • 2020-04-21T21:06:17Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    A very productive hour collaborating on two more people are set up to edit, and the 5 of us put our heads together to greatly improve the front page.

    Our next Zoom session: Friday April 24, 1pm Pacific, 4pm NYC, 10pm Germany, etc. (DM me for the link.)




    JanKusanagi at 2020-04-21T21:47:13Z

    Can I suggest using Big Blue Button or Mumble (voice only) instead of Zoom, and a free code chat tool (or federated network) instead of Slack?

    Danyl Strype at 2020-04-24T03:51:47Z

    I'm a little uncomfortable with Zoom and Slack, for reasons you'd probably recognize, so I appreciate these suggestions.

    Amitai Schleier at 2020-04-24T14:56:45Z

  • 2020-04-21T13:33:47Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    Was gonna put shoes on the kid. He slid off the couch directly onto the shoes. I say "Shoe-butt". Therefore, the music we listened to while playing outside was Schubert.

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  • 2020-04-06T12:26:18Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    Happy (?) Monday! Nearly 20 people have already joined the brand new Slack. Several have already made their first wiki edits — some in a browser, some with `git push`.

    If you're having a workday, how's it going so far? What's going well and what's not?
  • 2020-04-02T19:37:43Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    When's the last time so many of us needed to share knowledge and experience working in #distributed teams in environments we semi-control?

    With your involvement, Shape My Work will be THE wiki for our times. Join us:

    #remote #remotework #agile #teamwork