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This week, my first #codingtour stop: Erlangen with MATHEMA / Redheads.

Day 1:

- embedded-sys boot loader (C)
- web app performance tuning (C# w/Entity Framework)
- joined an ISAQB (architecture cert exam) study group
- drank unglaublich quantities of coffee
My ex-ex-ex-employer has an office in Erlangen, but I never visited. :-) ❌ at 2018-07-10T08:26:14Z

It's pleasant! Very pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly, as one would expect from a German university town.

Amitai Schleier at 2018-07-10T20:14:10Z

#codingtour Day 2 at @MATHEMA123 / Redheads:

- Bootloader writes memory!
- Met "protothreads"
- Started a "new to me" list
- Introduced #leancoffee
- Talked C#-and-C++ driver design (next: write examples in #NUnit!)
- Walked, ate Schäuferla, drank Weizen

Amitai Schleier at 2018-07-10T20:14:16Z

#codingtour Day 3 at @MATHEMA123 / Redheads:

- Fascinating results giving #MobProgramming head start on Gilded Rose with #ApprovalTests
- Intro to #TDD with MSUnit, designing an API and debugging serial comms to pass
- Walked, ate Schweinebraten, watched Hrvatska
- Passt schon

Amitai Schleier at 2018-07-11T21:06:27Z