Student, Film- Musik- Politik- Serien- Securityjunkie.


  • freak_out

    Federal Way, United States

    PodcastJunkie, Kaffee und Mate Junkie, Coding, Hacking, Astronomie

  • Kuro Sawai

    Mbrg, Germany

    Bright, german. I like serious contents, quality pictures & humor; no spam, not too much chat!

  • Claudia

    Online, offline - immer vergnügt

  • Diaspora

    Diaspora is an awesome, distributed, open source social network in the making from some young hackers at NYU

  • Free Software Foundation Europe

    Brussels, Europe

    non-profit organisation working on freedoms to use, study, share and improve software as critical for equal participation in the information age.

  • ccc

    Der Chaos Computer Club ist eine galaktische Gemeinschaft von Lebewesen für Informationsfreiheit und Technikfolgenabschätzung.

  • Bembel ::BK::


    Blick über den Bembelrand :: Spinnen, das sonderbare Dasein der Humanoiden und der übliche Rest

  • vinzv (inactive)

    Augsburg, Germany

    This account is inactive, but since has no account termination feature, I'll have to keep this open. You can follow me at

  • Paradiesstaub

    "Non-cooperation with evil is as much a duty as is cooperation with good." (Mahatma Gandhi)

  • hoia

    Vienna, Austria

  • Dominic Hopf

    Hamburg, Germany

    Free Software Hacker; Fedora Ambassador; Fellow of FSFE; Weird Guy; What a Pirate is meant to be;

  • Benno Ohnesorg

    Friedrichswerder, Germany

    Direkte Aktion ist das direkte Eingreifen in ökonomische und politische Zusammenhänge. Raff dich auf!

  • Jan Dennis Bungart

    Steinrode, Germany

    Open Source Sympathizer, Systems- and Network Engineer

  • Piratenpartei Rheinland-Pfalz

    Langweiler, Germany

    piracy is not a crime!

  • Carsten Neumann

    Morston, United Kingdom

    IT Fachjournalist

  • Richard Stallman Political Notes

    Cambridge, United States

    These are automatically posted from my blog. I don't read messages on, please email me -- instead.

  • mamue


  • peponi

    Zurich, Switzerland

  • Arne Babenhauserheide

    Graben-Neudorf, Germany

    Free licensing idealist, roleplayer, hobby musician and writer, python coder, doing phd in physics – avatar from Trudy Wenzel (GPL). Find me on and

  • Electronic Frontier Foundation

    San Francisco, United States

    Defending your civil liberties in a digital world! Follow us to stay at the forefront of tech policy issues.