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A week or so ago I ordered a Peak+ from Geeksphone (who made the original FIrefox OS developer phones; I think they're basically the same as the FxOS phones being sold in Spain). It's more than twice the price of the ZTE phone, and the estimated shipping date I see has slipped from 'late September' to 'mid October' rather than ZTE's 'this Friday', but I guess it's more powerful hardware.

Also, I'm pretty sure the Peak+ will work on Australian GSM networks, while I only see people talking about the ZTE device being available in "US" and "European" models, so there's that (though if I had to pick, Australia's technology stack generally follows European lines).
Ive been using the first peak as my main phone for about 2 months now. Its cool but the software is far from ready. A lot of little things, slows down quickly and no copypaste. Still, Ive managed. Cant wait to get my hands on some #jolla hw though ;)

whirli at 2013-08-13T22:52:27Z

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