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I am still getting used to this, and my first ever reply to someone on sent to JanKusanagi didn't appear on my profile page, and I am wondering why that is.

Anyway my message was: No no it didn't, because as part of my message I also put in loads of random letters and numbers as in quite a lot of lines and they are not there. Also I typed in The End myself.
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Hmm when a pump is sent can't delete it at the moment? Yep seems so hmm ok, but I am still not liking how there are no groups. I also don't have a proper time line to follow with loads of pumps which I also don't like. As nice as seems otherwise would have been good to have converted over with at least those features there as well :). Oh and sure the tags as well why not. In fact it seems has casued a bit of a split, some people refusing to use this for now at least, instead using other sites.

Sebastian at 2013-07-14T04:59:52Z

Yes, I saw your 2 posts (don't call them "pumps", nobody calls the messages that, and people call the servers "pumps" :P), and now I've replied to both of them.

And yes, they are identical, they both have some words, then garbage, then "the end" at the end.

Don't you see your own posts?

JanKusanagi @i at 2013-07-14T05:01:41Z

And yes, I've been up all night xD

JanKusanagi @i at 2013-07-14T05:01:58Z

You can't delete your posts from the web UI yet, but you can with Dianara, and maybe with some other clients.

There are groups "in progress", just not visible via the web UI yet. Please check the FAQ and the issues list at Github.

JanKusanagi @i at 2013-07-14T05:04:08Z