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re: aesthetics : It's for the reason of flux that aesthetics seems to be a necessary, not a sufficient condition. On the other hand, "beauty" is a categroy that goes beyond fashion, even art, and is thus far more stable. If you encounter a species-rich habitat, e.g., the reaction will constantly be the same: awe, joy. Integrating that sense of beauty in landscape "management" is a pillar in the Japanese concept of Satoyama.

re: bicyles : Biking is advertised as an environmentl "friendly" way of transportation, it's at the centre of urban design and development. But as long as the rise in stress of using bicyles on all participants (cyclists, car drivers, pedestrians) isn't taken into account, its promotion reveals a "materialistc" stance on environmentalism that ignores the more filigree aspects. It's this "restricted" sense of "environmentalism" taht makes it an accomplice to capitalism.