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    @evan Could you please try to restore conversation so that the link on my blog works again? Thanks.

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    P.J.Crowley claims Cablegate did indeed cost some informants their lives. >  [near end of transcript]
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    A personal note, and a secret [Denny Vrandečić]  

    The lead developer of Wikidata steps down and accepts a job at Google

    No, I am not suprised. Neither that Google partially funded Wikidata (as Wikidata enables Googles to earn revenues), nor that Wikidata's LD is hired by Google. 
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    In Search of Moebius (BBC 4 Documentary) 

    [docu about comic strip illustrator Jean Giraud]
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    Is there a history of in-between-ness?
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    Progress in information technologies consists not in that the user is relieved from programmiing, but that now everybody can learn how to program. For geeks this is paradise (self-empowerment ho-ho-ho), for non-geeks a 30-years-nightmare.
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    I can format the text of a note but not the text of a comment to a note. Oh dear.

    On the other hand, I see that in the "Meanwhile" sections it is now possible to view not only the comment to a note but  the note itself. Progress. Thx.

    With pumpa I can delete comments. But I can only delete the content of notes, not the notes themselves. (There surely is a very complex technical reason for that.)
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    Returned from a trip to the north of my country. Stunned how much wind turbines have spread in the countryside. Watching their ugliness, I feel they call for a new kind of landscape architecture, one that does some feng shui on a grand scale. Satoyama may be a role model here.

    In fact, the mass spreadings of wind turbines (in the countryside) and bicycles (in the cities) are examples of an environmentalism that equates problems of ecology with requests for technical fixes.

    But if you equate both then you've already lost. You may then even ask the Federal Reserve Bank what ecology is (as the Fedral Reserve is an expert in "mutal dependency" and "interwovenness").

    An environmentalism that ignores aesthetics and beauty as integral parts of any concept of ecology and environment is prone to short sighted technical fixes. "Sustainability" thus becomes the slogan of a green-washing neo-liberalism. (Interesting : they don't talk about capitalism any more, it's all neo-liuberalism now.)

    It is worth noting that our sense of aesthetics changes over time. If something looks unsightly now, wait a decade and see what you think.

    Douglas Perkins at 2013-08-11T06:34:04Z

    Also, I think increased use of bicycles has little to do with environmentalism and more to do with practicality and basic economics (i.e., cheap cost).

    Douglas Perkins at 2013-08-11T06:36:18Z

    re: aesthetics : It's for the reason of flux that aesthetics seems to be a necessary, not a sufficient condition. On the other hand, "beauty" is a categroy that goes beyond fashion, even art, and is thus far more stable. If you encounter a species-rich habitat, e.g., the reaction will constantly be the same: awe, joy. Integrating that sense of beauty in landscape "management" is a pillar in the Japanese concept of Satoyama.

    re: bicyles : Biking is advertised as an environmentl "friendly" way of transportation, it's at the centre of urban design and development. But as long as the rise in stress of using bicyles on all participants (cyclists, car drivers, pedestrians) isn't taken into account, its promotion reveals a "materialistc" stance on environmentalism that ignores the more filigree aspects. It's this "restricted" sense of "environmentalism" taht makes it an accomplice to capitalism.

    simsa0 at 2013-08-11T10:36:08Z

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    Onondaga Leader Oren Lyons, Pete Seeger on International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples ttp://

    [On the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, their Constitution, the Two Row Wampun ...]
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    The Tao of Information

    Too much Infomation makes you stupid. Too few information makes you self-centered.

    The flow of information is not the stream of information. The Tao is not in the carrier.

    Abundance in the realm of nature nourishes us, abundance in the sphere of information stresses us.

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    There is mass loss of species, languages, cultures, and at the same time an explosion of data and patents. What does this shift mean?

    And what does it mean that people cheer about the rise in "digital abundance" while at the same time they shrugg off the decay in our natural diversity?
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    THE FROST INTERVIEW : Daniel Barenboim: 'Spaces of dialogue'