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I've decided that I'm shutting down the system that I use for posting to Right now I'm using a combination of spigot and pypump to push content to Unfortunately these systems appear to be unmaintained (I still have pull requests open on both projects for bug that occurred when I upgraded to Python 3). That and the engagement that I'm getting over on Mastodon is much higher than the engagement that I'm getting on So I'm going to let my account sit for a while. is the longest-running social network that I've been on. I started around 2008 (There's a post about it called spleen venting here). I've enjoyed all of the conversations that I've had on but I think it's time to move my attention elsewhere.

I know is working on ActivityPub so this isn't the end of the journey. But we must part for now. I bid you farewell until we meet again, in the bold ActivityPub world of tomorrow.

Craig, in front of an screen, circa 2008

Craig, in front of an screen, circa 2008

Well Craig, I had to tell Walt that I've been cutting back. Things are getting very, very bad at work. Depending upon which way Congress goes with a few measures, things will get horrifying at $BUREAU due to quite a bit of wasted time. If Pelosi and Schumer win control via the midterms, a mutiny may begin if they try to repeal the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act of 2017 with retrospective effect to the start of the tax year as they've promised.

I nuked the Mastodon account. I'll be re-nuking Twitter. The Identica account is invincible and otherwise cannot be destroyed. is apparently gone.

I'm reachable via Launchpad. I'm also reachable via this Gogs instance if I ever get it configured right: It was installed from a snap, of course.

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