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And second coding interview done. Nothing like coding in front of an audience to make you go back to your primal coding instincts. Seriously though, is there any value in watching someone stream-of-consciousness-code? Or is the whole point to get you so stressed out that you revert to your primal coding?

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Having been on both sides of this (I once endured an interview that was ~8 hours with half of that being white boarding exercises), I don't think there is much value in live coding or white boarding. By the time you bring the candidate in to do that, you probably have a good idea that they are capable of programming. Yet we persist in these exercises for apparently a lack of better ideas. I feel your pain...

Charles Stanhope at 2017-04-07T18:37:30Z

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Funnily enough this was the first time I'd been exposed to this company. It was an elaborate "hello". Much like Rimmer deduced in Red Dwarf when their legs were broken.

Craig Maloney at 2017-04-07T18:42:16Z well if you can do anything at all that's probably a good sign. Might be a judge of temperament more than anything else

dw at 2017-04-07T22:28:16Z

I guess. But it feels artificially stressful to me. :)

Craig Maloney at 2017-04-08T19:41:52Z