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Rep. Nancy Pelosi criticized the heartless House Republicans for passing a budget that ends the 99-week extended unemployment compensation as of today.  Thank you for making it clear former speaker Pelosi to whom blame should be assigned. Oh, by the way, she voted Yea on the heartless budget act (see the link), as did Harry Reid and the Democratic controlled Senate, and then President Obama signed it into law during his extended vacation in Hawaii. The height of hypocisy?

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"Heartless House Republicans" is a redundant phrase. ;)

Ron K. Jeffries at 2013-12-29T04:50:21Z

She could have derailed the bill.  She had the numbers.  Her party has control of the Senate and the presidency.  She made her choice.

Stephen Michael Kellat at 2013-12-29T19:42:21Z

Is it any wonder I am not a big fan of either party? They are all liars and hypocrites. Otherwise, they wouldn't get to Washington. #YesIamaCynic

Stav Prodromou at 2013-12-30T02:24:56Z