João Almeida

Lisbon, Portugal

A web developer that enjoys photography


  • Arcee


    Some help:,-most-shared,-most-liked...-(informal-stats)

  • Kate J Davis

    Clacton-on-Sea, United Kingdom Kate Davis - European traveller and author of travel to guides to Paris holidays for a holiday in Paris.

  • X11R5

    Proprietary drivers are being piloted by tiny mice in swivel-chairs.

  • xtrakt

    Chief Nkalakata, Zimbabwe

    Brother, can you spare your mind?

  • Lopo Lencastre de Almeida

    Alhos Vedros, Portugal

    Web technologist and open source advocate. More at

  • Siddhartha Gudgunti

    Mahatma Gandhi Rd, India

    Techie, Simplistic. Linux, Photography.

  • Urban-Art

    Zurich, Switzerland

    Music, Dubstep, Grime, Bassline, Dj, MC, Images, Videos, Bookings, Events

  • Kol Tregaskes

    Gillingham, United Kingdom

    Very keen photographer, also likes music, movies, sport, computing, web dev., art, sci-fi, reading, sci-tech, dogs, space, walking + cycling

  • Veronika Gillies

    Urban Explorer