João Almeida

Lisbon, Portugal

A web developer that enjoys photography


  • X11R5

    Proprietary drivers are being piloted by tiny mice in swivel-chairs.

  • Nicolas Vigier

    Paris, France

  • leonardo

    Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy

    hobbies: movies, literature, poetry, music, Slackware, Xfce and Linux.

  • Screwtape

    Sydney, Australia

    Font nerd, photo nerd, Linux nerd, Python nerd, web nerd. I make great toasted-cheese sandwiches

  • Lopo Lencastre de Almeida

    Alhos Vedros, Portugal

    Web technologist and open source advocate. More at

  • Yasen Pramatarov

    Middle Earth

    freelance, free software, free time and beer with fr(i)eends :D

  • Siddhartha Gudgunti

    Mahatma Gandhi Rd, India

    Techie, Simplistic. Linux, Photography.

  • rid sevilla

    holding the wall

  • David Haberthür (moved to μ.davidhaberthü

    Berne, Switzerland

    Now microblogging at

  • Luis Alejandro Bernal Romero

    Bogotá, Colombia

    Fotógrafo, escritor y geek


  • Olivier G. ☃

    Herblay, France

    Développeur web front-end / Intégrateur à Paris, France, scout depuis tout petit, photographe amateur...

  • Matty Janssen

    Gothenburg, Sweden

  • Michele Azzolari

    Milan, Italy

    Old account . Sometimes I'm here:

  • Kristian F

    Vänsjö, Sweden

  • David Reyes Samblas Martinez

    Barbera Del Valles, Spain

    Tuxbrain CEO (or whatelse name for a small company) and FOSS lover, and copyleft hardware advocate

  • Rob Myers


    "a self-defined artist, writer and hacker" - MakeTank.

  • The Linux Foundation

    San Francisco, United States

    The Linux Foundation is a nonprofit consortium dedicated to fostering the growth of Linux.

  • Leslie Hawthorn

    Portland, United States

    Free Culture and Open Source Software Advocate, Medieval English Literature Geek, Cat Herder Extraodinaire

  • Ubuntu One

    Team account for Ubuntu One, the personal cloud that brings your digital life together.