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12 月中旬在台北的「當代藝術實驗場」 (CLAB) 和線上將有 LAB KILL LAB 的〈岔派樂基因〉 (Forking PiraGene) 活動,這是項對李士傑致意的工作。活動資訊在這:


〈派樂基因〉(PiraGene) 是 Autrijus Tang (唐宗漢)與 Ilya Eric Lee (李士傑)的計畫構想,收錄於鄭淑麗 (Shu Lea CHEANG)、阿爾敏.麥多士 (Armin‭ ‬MEDOSCH) 以及四方幸子 (Yukiko‭ ‬SHIKATA) 於 2001 年策展的《派樂西王國》(Kingdom of Piracy)。二十年後 LAB KILL LAB 對〈派樂基因〉的公眾衍繹與覆寫,是對世界所有的實踐者的致意,也是對昨日的網路遠景的追憶。


Dear friends and colleagues,

In mid December, a collection of projects, titled Forking PiraGene, will be developed at CLAB in Taipei and online. This is part of the LAB KILL LAB collaborations, and is a homage to Shih-Chieh Ilya Li and his works. Please find below the event information:


Developed by Autrijus Tang and Ilya Eric Lee, PiraGene was a project concept curated in the 2001 collection Kingdom of Piracy by Shu Lea CHEANG, Armin‭ ‬MEDOSCH, and Yukiko‭ ‬SHIKATA. The LAB KILL LAB public derivatives and overwrites to PiraGene, 20 years after, is a homage to all the practitioners in the world as well as a remembrance of the yesteryear's vision of the network future.

Posted with love and respect.

更正: C-LAB 的全名是「台灣當代文化實驗場」(Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab)

Correction: The full name of C-LAB is Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab.

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