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"Kazakhstan's Foreign Ministry says China is allowing more than 2,000 ethnic Kazakhs to renounce their Chinese citizenship and leave the country."


"Those allowed to return so far have been largely Kazakh citizens or those with spouses or children born in Kazakhstan.

One 23-year-old Kazakh citizen, who asked to be identified by her nickname Guli to protect her family from retribution, was able to return from Xinjiang in July after being separated from her husband and two children for more than two years. She said she broke down in tears after a Kazakh official called to say she might be able to return."


「根據哈薩克斯坦外交部新聞辦公室最近發布的一份電郵聲明,中國政府已決定允許新疆地區的兩千多名哈薩克族人放棄中國公民身份並離開中國。 在此之前,中國政府下令收回新疆哈薩克族人的護照,不允許他們前往哈薩克斯坦。」


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