Tyng-Ruey Chuang

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This is looking very attractive! Upcoming talk at COSCUP 2019 in Taipei this weekend!


CutiePi 開放樹莓派平板


CutiePi is an all-in-one Raspberry Pi tablet.


- A custom designed CM3 Lite carrier board
- 8 inch MIPI DSI display, RTL8723BS WiFi/BT, STM32 MCU (for power management and battery level monitoring), gyroscope, and more
- Usable touch friendly UI on top of Raspbian Buster, including a system wide virtual keyboard and a terminal emulator based on Qt, as the name suggested
- Relatively slim dimensions 209 (W) x 124 (H) x 12 (D) mm, 3D printable enclosure, we even crammed a 5000 mAh Li-Po battery into it
- 100% open source hardware design -- we paid for the PCB layout, and released all files, including schematics, gerbers, BOM, drivers, firmware, UI, everything