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Anyone knows when will be opened the access to create one new account in identica?  I have a friend trying and he cant.  I tried myself to create one account and i was not able to end it.
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I did, i have one new account in but i can't use it to see the messages.

If i join in i have that nemu at the top right, like here, but i cant see any messages from other people.  If i join identica with that user, i get into identica but i cant see any message even if i click on  That changes nothing.

And the worst problem is that in the top menu at the right i just see one option: to log out.

join identica with is absolute useless and join does not allow you to see other users or their messages. Its nonsense.

Im a free software activist and i want to use this network.  Please helpme.

René Mérou at 2013-12-14T23:20:45Z

Did you check any of the links we gave you?

JanKusanagi at 2013-12-14T23:40:49Z