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  • Facundo Batista facundobatista@identi.ca

  • Roman rye@identi.ca

    Boston, MA

    I am full of buzzwords. Currently working as Build Engineer at EnerNOC, Inc. Before that: Software Engineer, Support Engineer, Network Operation Center Engineer, System Administrator, so I know a lot about how to sound competent. xmpp:ryebread@dukgo.com

  • A. James Lewis netlore@identi.ca

    Sysadmin Jim

  • Leonel Nunez len@identi.ca

  • AmbyR00 ambyr00@identi.ca

    Lahti, Finland

    Nothing to see here! Move along, move along.

  • Wilmer Stanley II darkn00b@identi.ca

    Apple Springs, United States

    Male, Married, 38Y/O - Linux -FOSS