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This bill expands the Russian anti-gay law to include punishments for publishing information "propagating prioritizing sex before family relations" (or something).

Worthy quote that describes the anti-"gay propaganda" law:"One of the forms of [protecting children from harmful information] is the Article 6.21 of the Administrative Infraction Code, in which propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations among minors, expressed as distribution of information directed towards forming non-traditional sexual settings in minors, the attractiveness of non-traditional sexual relations, a distorted view of social equality of traditional and non-traditional sexual relations, or imposition of information about non-traditional sexual relations, which can cause interest towards such relations, if these actions don't (already) contain a criminally-punishable deed, will lead towards a corresponding administrative infraction."

Fuck traditions!

(Take or give that anyway you'd like ;)

Anarchy-X at 2014-02-24T06:03:37Z