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GNOME weird application renaming

Ivaylo Valkov (Ивайло Вълков) at

Can somebody share a link with the discussion about the renaming/simplifying the names of all integrated GNOME applications? I don't understand why they've changed the names of everything. I'm curious about the motivation behind this. I just don't get why and how the change helps.

I'm not sure exactly what has changed, but for example a new user isn't going to know they need to click on e.g. "Iceweasel" to access the web :-)

sazius at 2014-09-06T08:03:24Z

I'm not sure about Iceweasel. GNOME integrates with Epiphany (now simply Web). All applications switched to names closer to what they do.

Ivaylo Valkov (Ивайло Вълков) at 2014-09-06T08:32:24Z

I have absolutely no insight into this (I'm still on Gnome 3.4 on Debian wheezy), but my guess is that's the reason: a new user understands what "Web" means, have no clue what "Epiphany" is supposed to do.

sazius at 2014-09-06T09:05:18Z

That might be true, but still. All programs in the GNOME menu ever since 2.x had a descriptive string, not just the name. I just observe a lot of weird direction in GNOME since Gnome-Shell and 3.x.

Ivaylo Valkov (Ивайло Вълков) at 2014-09-06T09:34:41Z