Ivaylo Valkov (Ивайло Вълков)

Hacky browser session restore

Ivaylo Valkov (Ивайло Вълков) at

I had a lot of tabs opened and for some reason the browser refused to restore the session, no matter what.

Well, I've hacked it!

grep -E "http[:\/\/a-zA-Z0-9\%._\?\=-]+" sessionstore.js -o |xargs abrowser

I have a lot of useless URLs opened, but it is better than nothing.



grep -E "http[:\/\/a-zA-Z0-9\%._\?\=-]+" ~/sessionstore.js -o |sort | uniq | grep favicon.ico -v | xargs abrowser

Ivaylo Valkov (Ивайло Вълков) at 2014-09-09T07:16:05Z

Isn't Abrowser a fork/version of Firefox? I thought Firefox asked which tabs to restore after a crash, and you could unselect some...

Arcee at 2014-09-09T14:23:20Z

X11R5 likes this.

Yes, abrowser is practically Firefox. It usually does restore, but this time all URLs were in the restore file, but it did not restore. I typed some combination and the browser just stopped. Might have closed all tabs.

Ivaylo Valkov (Ивайло Вълков) at 2014-09-09T16:36:22Z

It sounds like you're experiencing a known bug, Firefox 32.0 is supposed to fix it. I've never experienced this problem myself personally, however.

Jacob Barkdull at 2014-09-10T11:53:52Z