Buenos Aires, Argentina

I like spaghetti westerns


  • Psychedelic Squid ( side)

    Unhinge the daydream door; delve deep.

  • Nemo Thorx

    madness and serenity, fighting for control...

  • Duck Duck Go

    Valley Forge, United States

    DuckDuckGo search engine.

  • Luis Fernández

    San Fernando, Spain

    Gentoo user, boardgame and roleplaying gamer, sci-fi fan, geek.

  • Glyn Moody

    City of Westminster, United Kingdom

    writer (Rebel Code), journalist, blogger, mostly GNU/Linux, open source, open content; the commons, copyright, patents and digital rights

  • deblike

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Wilderman Ceren

    Cartagena, Colombia

    computers engineer & telecom specialist. unix experience with gnu/linux / bsd consultant

  • Aaron Toponce

    Ogden, United States

    System administrator and engineer for XMission. Amateur radio ethusiast, Free Software advocate, mathematician and amateur cryptographer.

  • Evgeni Golov

    Duesseldorf, Germany

    Debian Developer, Python Coder, Spam Hater, Geek

  • Dimi Piraat


    Anarcho-taoist-gypsy-rasta-hippie-burner-punk into tattoos, electronic music, activism, ecology, geek stuff and lots more.

  • Jaromil

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Developer, media poet, Frank Zappa look alike.

  • facundo

    Pampa Cabá Ñaró, Argentina

    And learn to look at all things / with a sort of mental squint

  • xtrakt

    Chief Nkalakata, Zimbabwe

    Brother, can you spare your mind?

  • Pookito

    Cordaville, United States

    I love Jesus. Living in Ma, US. SDA. Trying to be a vegan everyday. Love Open Source software, Linux too. :D

  • Agustin Fontaine

  • Be Human

    Dun, France

    ☠ sudo apt-get install freedom ☠ ☠ Logiciel Libre ☠ ☠ Transparence, Liberté ☠

  • gnusay

    Cordaville, United States

    Use Salix OS GNU/Linux

  • Jamin Davis

    Chester, UK

  • Creative Commons

    Yr usin' my license!

  • Diego Cordoba

    San Rafael, Mendoza

    Computer Engineer (Ing. en Informatica), GNU/Linux instructor and consultant. Professor, and more. My site: