Waldir Pimenta waldir@identi.ca

cape verdean, computer graphics student, hopelessly perfectionist, nerdy geek, knowledge thirsty, utopian dreamer, wiki addict


  • SigBlips sigblips@identi.ca

    Cupertino, United States

    digital signal processing excellence

  • Sage Ross ragesoss@identi.ca

    Glenshaw, United States

    Wikimedian; free culture warrior; humanist; dad

  • phoebe ayers phoebe@identi.ca

    I'm a reference librarian (day job) and Wikimedia volunteer (night job). My book "How Wikipedia Works" came out in Sept. 2008.

  • Oscar Gomes digreja@identi.ca

    Porto, Portugal


  • The Wikipedia Signpost wikisignpost@identi.ca

    Wikipedia- and Wikimedia-related news from the editors of The Signpost.

  • Cary Bass bastique@identi.ca

    Oakland, United States

    Seminarian. Ex-Volunteer Coordinator of Wikimedia Foundation. Web denizen for many years

  • Brianna Laugher pfctdayelise@identi.ca

    Melbourne, Australia

    wikichiki, feminist, cyclist, introverted, vegetarian Pythonista, GEEK.