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Bruce Sterling on The Ecuadorian Library
"People, you couldn’t trust any of these three guys to go down to the corner grocery for a pack of cigarettes. Stallman would bring you tiny peat-pots of baby tobacco plants, then tell you to grow your own. Assange would buy the cigarettes, but smoke them all himself while coding up something unworkable. And Ed would set fire to himself, to prove to an innocent mankind that tobacco is a monstrous and cancerous evil that must be exposed at all costs. 

And yet the three of them together, they look just amazing. They are fantastic figures, like the promise of otherworldly aid from a superhero comic. They are visibly stronger than they’ve ever been before. They have the initiative in a world afflicted with comprehensive helplessness."
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I'm not sure I really understand that quote :-) But that picture is pretty powerful, though!

All three are heroes of mine for some things they've done. That doesn't mean I have to agree with them on every issue or that I look to them for "perfect role models" in other aspects of life.

Also I'm OK with them not buying cigarettes for their friends, no one should :-)

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