Martin McEvoy



    The Free Software Desktop Project

  • Ed Fonseca

  • Jason Riedy

    East Point, United States

    Researcher in social network analysis / numerical methods / parallel computing. Terminally distracted.

  • Maxime Pelletier

    Quebec City, Canada

    Web programmer, open source lover (using gentoo-kde), all around geek without social life

  • Lucas Gonze

    Oakland CA

    things about music that are specific to the internet and vice versa.

  • Matt Lee

    Boston, United States

    Internet has-been, AOL user.

  • joshix


    Just like John the Baptist impersonating Graham Hill

  • Kingsley Uyi Idehen

    Founder & CEO, OpenLink Software Web ID: (for my interests and other things)

  • Matthias Pfefferle


  • Toby Inkster

    Lewes, United Kingdom

    I like to eat my breakfast cereal with a teaspoon because it makes me feel like a giant.

  • Sarven Capadisli


    I am.