Yuvi Panda yuvipanda@identi.ca

Federal Way, United States

17+5 year old wannabe dev geek from India


  • Greg Grossmeier greg@identi.ca

    Views are my own unless they aren't.

  • Roan Kattouw catrope@identi.ca

    San Francisco, United States

    MediaWiki developer, bot API maintainer. Am also on http://twitter.com

  • Erik Moeller eloquence@identi.ca

  • Andre Klapper andreklapper@identi.ca

    Old Yurop

    Wikimedia bugmaster, maemo.org bugmaster, GNOME Bugsquad, Release Team, Czech L10N team, Documentation team, yet another student.

  • Sumana Harihareswara [on Mastodon] brainwane@identi.ca

    Jackson Heights, United States

    I use this account infrequently; find me on Mastodon as http://social.coop/@brainwane/ . Founder of Changeset Consulting. Wife, FLOSS geek, feminist, manager of people & projects, programmer, fanvidder. Recurse Center alumna. She/her. Married to @leonardr.

  • Mark A. Hershberger hexmode@identi.ca

  • Ron K. Jeffries ronkjeffries@identi.ca

    Arroyo Grande, United States

    Watch, listen, read, write. Rinse and repeat as needed. Writing a book about the torture and murder of a 15 year old girl, Dystiny Myers, September 25/26 2010 in Nipomo, CA. http://ronkjeffries.pen.io

  • Evan Prodromou evan@identi.ca

    Montreal, Canada

    Montreal hacker and entrepreneur. Founder of identi.ca, lead developer of pump.io, CEO of E14N Inc.