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An all JS Emacs clone

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Anybody have any experience using javascript to focus a contenteditable div? I have been banging my head against this issue all day and StackOverflow/DuckDuckGo have not been any help.

In spite of this issue, the first day of working on an all JS Emacs clone is coming along nicely. So far it can: 1. open a file off of disk into a "buffer" 2. edit a buffer 3. save a buffer to disk 4. create new empty buffers 5. update a "status bar" with cursor position, file size, and battery status.

Not too bad for approximately nine hours of work.

I haven't posted the code anywhere yet though because it is still under super-heavy development/ugly/unstable. But it will probably appear somewhere in the next few days.

zach wick at 2014-10-02T22:20:23Z