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Apple ][+ in the wild

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When I went to my insurance agent's office today to get my wife's new car on our policy, I saw that he has an Apple ][+ sitting on a desk in his office. When I asked him about it, first he was surprised that I knew what it was, and then even more impressed when I said that I had an Apple ][+ that was connected to relays for my shop lights. He then completely impressed me by turning it on and showing me a program he had written to get people insurance quotes. Before I left, I mentioned that should he ever want to get rid of that machine, I would make sure that it had a good home. This is why I love living in a small town - there are so many unique characters that you interact with that you would never even guess have awesome stories - like the insurance agent is also the school's swim team coach and who wrote some phenomenal computer programs back in the day., Jason Self likes this.