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Garage Sale Find

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At a garage sale last weekend I bought five boxes of what I thought was just Colecovision stuff for $10. It turns out that the boxes held:
- 1 Colecovision
- 1 Colecovision Expansion Module 3 (Turns the Colecovision into a Z80 computer)
- 1 Coleco ADAM Z80 Computer
- 2 Complete (unassembled) Coleco ADAM computer kits
- 3 Tandy Keyboard "guts" (replacement for everything of the ADAM keyboard except the outer shell)
- 25+ Assorted Colecovision game cartridges (Donkey Kong, Zaxxon, 2010, etc.) and their boxes and manuals
- 2 working Coleco ADAM disk drives (so that you don't have to use magnetic tapes)
- 20+ ADAM programs on floppy disks + manuals

And I still have one more box to go through and inventory. It is going slow though since I have to play test every game and program that I find. This is probably the best $10 I have ever spent.

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