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according to the public thread,#Debian tech-ctte init system decision is 4-3 for #systemd w/ a potential casting vote on the winning side

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@sazius: it will definitely affect Jessie. The most substantial part of the decision is indeed deciding what will be the default init system *for Jessie*.

Stefano Zacchiroli at 2014-01-18T15:52:05Z

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i am confused: i counted 4-2 for "systemd" and andreas being undecided yet, did i miss a post or a member? furthermore, it seems that the decision is much more complicated than just choosing the default init system, and also encompasses whether sysvinit-style scripts will still be supported in the future (most seem to agree on that)

The Anarcat at 2014-01-19T00:08:15Z

@anarcat: is hard to answer given I don't know who are the 6 you are already aware of, but AFAICT it's definitely 4-3. (And yes, the decision is more complex and all of its complexity is being handled IMHO, but some social networks out here limits messages to 140 chars, so I had to summarize ;-)).

Stefano Zacchiroli at 2014-01-19T09:57:51Z

i am aware of: bdale: systemd, rra: systemd, ian: upstart, colin: upstart, don: systemd, keith: systemd, missing (afaik): andreas

so i guess andreas took upstart's side? anyone else that's missing?

The Anarcat at 2014-01-19T17:19:24Z