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select count(*) from checksums where sha256 = '8ceb4b9ee5adedde47b31e975c1d90c73ad27b6b165a1dcd80c7c545eb65b903';
(1 row)

who wants to bet what's the lucky source file appearing ~3k times in the Debian archive?

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I took the shortcut with `sha256sum /usr/share/common-licenses/*' :)

gregor herrmann at 2013-08-05T02:55:00Z

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I didn't know that directory. Thanks for the tip! Anyway, this means that the (uncompressed) archive has ~100 MB of GPL-3 text. #wow

Raúl Benencia at 2013-08-05T03:19:23Z

in the source packages: yes. in the binary packages it's not installed, there's just a reference in /usr/share/doc/<package>/copyright to /usr/share/common-licenses/GPL-3

gregor herrmann at 2013-08-05T12:18:12Z

But I'm told that nobody uses GPLv3! ;-)

Nathan Smith at 2013-08-07T04:25:43Z