Adam Williamson

Vancouver, Canada

I work for Red Hat on Fedora QA. This account is for Fedora, community and F/OSS-related stuff only! It's not a personal / social feed.


  • Arcee


    Some help:,-most-shared,-most-liked...-(informal-stats)

  • Jure Repinc (JLP)

    Ljubljana, Slovenia

    Pirate, GNU/Linux / free software / open source fan, contributor to Thousand Parsec (a free 4X space strategy game) and KDE (the best desktop)

  • Alex

    Paris, France

    Site d’apprentissage informatique contient des cours, exercices et Tutoriels qui vous permettent d'apprendre l'informatique facilement

  • Ankur Sinha

    Sydney, Australia Open Source lover, Fedora community volunteer, hair metal fan

  • akshay vyas

    Jaipur, India

  • j1mc

    Chicago, United States

    GNOME user and docs contributor. Co-organizer of the ChicagoLUG.

  • Dony Hendratmo

  • ningbojoe

  • David

    Ich rauche, ich trinke, ich fluche und manchmal hab ich sogar Sex ;)

  • John Drinkwater

    Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

    Not the poet, he’s dead. A Web and I.T. Jack

  • Rex Dieter

    Enthusiast of many things, including fedora, kde, and cats.

  • Matt Domsch

    Austin, United States

    Technology Strategist, Dell Office of the CTO. Linux developer. Family Guy.