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Stallman's talks in Brazil and Argentina

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Richard Stallman needs no introduction… but here is one anyway! Richard Stallman is the author of the GNU GPL, founded the Free Software Foundation, and started the development of the GNU operating system (including GNU Emacs, GCC, the coreutils, etc.), which we and tens of millions of GNU/Linux users love. However, his main contribution is philosophical. He is the father of the Free Software Movement. He identified four freedoms that each one of us deserves to be in control of her computing. Stallman now dedicates most of his life to advocacy. In particular, he travels the whole world to eloquently spread awareness about the Free Software Movement, its ethical foundations and its social and political necessity.

Richard Stallman will deliver ten talks in Brazil and Argentina, starting with "A Free Digital Society" in Belo Horizonte on May 29th. Here is the whole list:

  • May 29th, 2pm in Belo Horizonte, Brazil: "A Free Digital Society" (talk in English with simultaneous translation in Portuguese, using 300 headsets) in the Auditório Nobre (640 seats) of the CAD1 building in the Pampulha campus of the UFMG;

  • May 31st, 4pm in Campinas, Brazil: "Your Freedom as a User of Computers and Cell Phones" in the room CB-06 of the Ciclo Básico I (antigo) of the Universidade Estadual de Campinas;

  • June 2nd, 6pm in Curitiba, Brazil: "Free Software and Your Freedom" in the Auditório Prof. Ulysses de Campos in the Applied Social Sciences Sector of the UFPR. The organizers of the event are seeking donations to provide translation equipment for the speech:;

  • June 5th, in Buenos Aires, Argentina: "Tu Libertad en el Uso de Computadoras y Telefonos" (talk in Spanish), precise location and time to be determined;

  • June 7th, 5pm in Santa Fe, Argentina: "El Software Libre y tu Libertad" (talk in Spanish), in the Rectorado of the Universidad Nacional del Litoral;

  • June 9th, 5pm in Buenos Aires, Argentina: "Copyright vs Comunidad" (talk in Spanish), precise location to be determined;

  • June 12th, 5pm in San Salvador de Jujuy, Argentina: "Copyright vs Comunidad" (talk in Spanish) in the Anfiteatro of the Facultad de Ingenieria of the Universidad Nacional de Jujuy;

  • June 13th, 6pm in Salta, Argentina: "El Software Libre y tu Libertad" (talk in Spanish) in the Universidad Nacional de Salta, precise location to be determined;

  • June 15th and 16th in Brasilia, Brasil: Stallman needs hosting in that city and date. Please contact Alexandre Oliva and ask for the requirements:;

  • June 17th, 1pm in Brasília, Brazil: "Free Software and Your Freedom" during the Campus Party in Brasília (CPBSB) in the Centro de Convenções Ulysses Guimarães, only to CPBSB attendees;

  • June 19th in Brasília, Brazil: in the Universidade de Brasília, precise location and time to be determined.

Stallman will be selling items to the benefit of the Free Software Foundation: please bring cash.

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