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Looking for a webcam

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I'm looking for a webcam that works under Linux (Debian, in particular, preferably without any non-free blobs), has a built-in microphone, and is mountable on my LCD screen.

I'm having a hard time finding such. The ones in the shops I usually buy from have models where when I search for linux driver, it turns up nothing. Which doesn't mean the camera doesn't work under Debian, but doesn't give me much confidence, either.

Mind you, we're hopefully in a much better situation than in ~2005, the last time I had to work with webcams (and ended up reverse engineering one and writing my own driver, something which I'd like to avoid this time)...

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I am puzzled, my el cheapo camera from 5 below works well with Linux.

Luis at 2015-10-08T10:07:53Z

Now that I am on a real keyboard :).

I am surprised that you cannot find a camera driver for a given camera in 2015 Linux. Like I say, I have a cheap camera that I bought at 5 below and it got recognized by Linux and I have no problems.

I also have a 3COM, which works with some of the applications. In others, it does not (in Ekiga I get a green blob).

I am not sure if you are looking for a specific feature set or something. I would be surprised if this has not improved somehow in 10 years.

Luis at 2015-10-08T18:27:34Z