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The US and Australian militaries banned it on their networks and devices over security concerns.  The National Defense Authorization Act 2021 provision being moved states in operative part: “In General.--Except as provided in subsection (b), no employee of the United States, officer of the United States, Member of Congress, congressional employee, or officer or employee of a government corporation may download or use TikTok or any successor application developed by ByteDance or any entity owned by ByteDance on any device issued by the United States or a government corporation.”  The exception allows for research, law enforcement, and intelligence activity usage notwithstanding.
This means no civil servants or troopers will be able to use the SaaS on their official devices and official networks.  Off-duty they can do what they want.  Private individuals are not covered by this.  There is no software freedom issue as an employer is regulating its employees.
I think that's an existing order.  I'm talking about a prospective move to ban it entirely, for everyone in the U.S.  They've been vague about exactly what that would be mean, but it seems pretty clear it  would no longer an "employer regulating its employees" situation.

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