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  • I am tired of being tarred as a "monster" due to being a federal civil servant.
  • Personnel Safety & Emergency Preparedness indicated in a general alert that employees may need to scale back any social media presences in light of current unrest. Protesters chased the Secretary of Homeland Security out of a restaurant where she was having dinner over The Current Unpleasantness. A Florida congressman had death threats against his children due to The Current Unpleasantness. The youngest son of POTUS was remarked upon by actor Peter Fonda in a way that frankly was disturbing enough that if he did that on a call at work I'd be watchlisting him. Actress Felicia Day has repeatedly said the USA is currently run by "monsters". An account on Twitter is currently robo-doxxing the names & home addresses of agents from Immigration & Customs Enforcement (a.k.a. ICE). Things are getting unsafe again and we don't need another Andrew Stack incident.
  • I am looking for work again just because we're getting into dangerous positions at work. While this profile still exists, you can view it at Matters are negotiable.
  • No, the executive order by POTUS didn't solve anything. Only primary legislation by Congress would solve the matter. Nobody in either party wants to legislate.
  • Job prospects within 30 miles of home (half my current commute) are looking pretty slim unless I suddenly develop a professional education in medicine or become a master welder.
1. Civil servants aren't monsters just because they're civil servants. People need jobs, and can't change them because the leadership goes bad. I fully sympathize with your situation, and robodoxxing state employees is some scary shit.

2. The USA is currently run by monsters. ❌ at 2018-06-21T04:44:26Z

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i don't think when people say the USA is currently run by monsters they mean the civil servants, but the politicians on top of course

McClane at 2018-06-25T14:43:02Z