Dublin, Ireland

jack of all trades, geek, sci fi, computing, mobile platforms, open source


  • dick_turpin

    Rubbish podcaster of The Dick Turpin Road Show. Linux and FOSS fanboy, gadget fanatic. Known to say some outrageous things.


    Lancaster, UK

    I'm Jessica! Programming, Chemist & Linguist. I'm the developer of PyPump and Inboxen ^_^

  • Dirk Lauer

    Rüsselsheim, Germany

    Polizeibeamter a.D.

  • Carl Richardson

    San Francisco, United States

    Since the first iPhone, technology has fascinated me. Now keeping an eye on all things tech.

  • Sam

    Oxford, United Kingdom

  • doodleberry

    Houston, United States



    I don't want to live here anymore.

  • Gregory Wellington

    London, United Kingdom

  • xtrakt

    Chief Nkalakata, Zimbabwe

    Brother, can you spare your mind?

  • Félim Whiteley

    Essex, Ireland

    SysAdmin impersonator, finesse of a sledgehammer-esque coder, Free Software ranter and Irish/Leinster Rugby shouter at'er..

  • Shane Marks

    The Pike, Ireland

  • csgeek "tux" nerd

    Midwest City, United States

    I do nerdy stuff, Linux, IT converted to developer

  • heeed

    Scarborough, United Kingdom

  • nybill

    New York, United States

    I've started a instance:

  • Peter Cannon

    West Midlands, United Kingdom

    Currently working as a Sales Manager in IT. Co-Host of The Dick Turpin Road Show. Arch Linux user and FOSS advocate.