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I'm happily using Nextcloud and a F-Droid only Android device with a few more applications, but I still strongly agree with the approach and especially the conclusion:

In many cases I’ve been an early adopter of technology, but sometimes I’ve come to the conclusion that the old way was better. Unfortunately new technology is often adopted just for the sake of being new. I think, in general, we should be a bit more skeptic about new technology, and in particular about its effects on society, and carefully consider the pros and cons. Of course in many cases the pros outweigh the cons, but not always.

Naturally, it’s also about getting older and more conservative. I no longer switch Linux distributions every other month, I’ve been quite happy with running Debian stable for many years now. I’m still fascinated by technology, and I especially like programming, however, I try to use it more thoughtfully in my daily life, and leave some time for other important things.

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