Henry J. Story bblfish@identi.ca

Saint-Georges-la-Pouge, France

Working on creating the Secure Social Web using Linked Data. Hacking in Scala. Chair of the WebID Incubator Group http://webid.info/spec


  • Mikael inscius@identi.ca

    West Gothia, Sweden

    tzag! This will be my one and only active pump-presence. For statusnet/friendica connectivity I am inscius at quitter.se. My website is http://inscius.se - See you here and there :)

  • Frédéric Couchet fcouchet@identi.ca

  • Dominique Guardiola quinode@identi.ca

    Parrot, France

    Social and Solidarity Economy webapp maker (python, django, front-end, semantic web)

  • Michael Haschke haschek@identi.ca

    Leipzig, Germany

    web whisperer and developer, semantic web enjoyer, wannabe singer, creator of #Foafpress // Tagline: Design with Attitude!

  • ᕱᕳใᕲ࿈ ᔕᕈᖇᕱᗯᘂ ᔕᕳᕼᗝᘂᕱᖇ acid@identi.ca

    Gūshdūn, Iran

    Pinkie Sparkle stands for love against all odds. http://genderpopender.de http://anarchobroni.es #Feminismus #Anarchismus

  • Kete Foy kete@identi.ca

    Twin Oaks, Louisa, VA

    free (libre) hardware, software, art, photography, documents and communities

  • Unhosted unhosted@identi.ca

    Non-profit movement to liberate people through separation of web apps from data storage.

  • Matija Šuklje hook@identi.ca


    law, free software, tea, sailing

  • James Cooley jc@identi.ca

    Currently hacking with Django, Erlang, Linux and MythTV.

  • Ruset Zeno rszeno@identi.ca

    Timişoara, Romania

    interested in programming, semantic web technologies and AI

  • Jonas Jared Jacek jabz@identi.ca

    Morston, United Kingdom

    Internet marketer, web designer and web developer with lots of enthusiasm for everything Linux, free software and science.

  • terence tam bookpal1@identi.ca

    Brisbane, Australia

    Helping self publishers to successfully self publish and market their books with cost effective solutions to create bestsellers.

  • talou talou@identi.ca

    Hameau du Pont, Saint Martin

    Not using identi.ca anymore… Found me on Mastodon or Diaspora.

  • Angelo Veltens aveltens@identi.ca

    Braunschweig, Germany

    Fighting for civil & human rights, constructing the web of data, lobbying for open data

  • Pierre-Antoine Champin pchampin@identi.ca

  • . ewald@identi.ca


  • Bayle Shanks bshanks@identi.ca

    San Diego, United States

    Interested in neuro (esp. neural coding), A.I. (esp. commonsense), collaborative software (esp wiki, reputation systems).

  • kwadronaut kwadronaut@identi.ca

    A migrant living in .de, studying in .nl and working somewhere else.

  • Veronika Gillies tjgillies@identi.ca

    Urban Explorer

  • Ted Smith tedks@identi.ca

    Washington, United States

    Uncompromising in the pursuit and defence of knowledge and freedom.