Les Pounder biglesp@identi.ca

Onchan, Isle of Man

Linux user for the last 10 years, doesn't make me an expert, just a happy user


  • Paul Tansom aptanet@identi.ca

    Portsmouth, United Kingdom

    Linux & retro computer geek who likes to sail boats when he can. Keen on wildlife, particularly cetaceans. Run the Portsmouth & SE Hants. Linux User Group.

  • Nigel Green mrnigelgreen@identi.ca

    MK, United Kingdom

    Wannabe Python hacker, open source enthusiast, noisy guitarist, inquisitive sort

  • James Michael DuPont h4ck3rm1k3@identi.ca

    Hopewell, NJ

  • KenWalker KenWalker@urmf.net

    Qualicum Beach, BC

  • Dylan galoisghost@pumpity.net

    Central Coast, NSW, Australia

    Proud dad. Open source advocate. Gentoo user. Central Coast Mariners fan. http://Bandcamp.com explorer. I have 20 years experience dying stupidly in nethack.

  • Andy C andyc@pumpdog.me


    Listen, this isn't about you, it's about me. I just need some space.

  • Gerard Ryan grdryn@fmrl.me


    Nobody in particular.

  • Yves Heuvelink yvesheuvelink@identi.ca

    Dronten, Netherlands

    Ik ben Yves en zit in de marketing en bouw websites voor bedrijven en zelfstandigen.

  • Jeffry Byron jeffrybyron183@identi.ca

    Oakland, United States

    I am the owner of a company called PLUMBING SPECIALISTS. Located in Oakland, CA we provide residential and commercial plumbing services.

  • George Doscher geospart@identi.ca

    Wells Fargo IT Tech - Linux and Open Source Advocate

  • Azidah Jaslani pelaburanemaszone@identi.ca

    Rumah Merayang, Malaysia

    Pendedahan Teknik Bagaimana Meraih Keuntungan Emas Fizikal Secara Berkali-kali

  • Stephen Michael Kellat alpacaherder@identi.ca

    Ashtabula County, Ohio

    Adjunct Instructor of Computer Science. A Librarian Long, Long Ago. Podcaster. TeX User Group Member. Amateur Radio Operator (General Class). Occasional Writer. Ubuntu Member. Fediverse Explorer.

  • Andrew Alderwick alderwick@identi.ca

    Cambridge, United Kingdom

  • Gregory Wellington gregoriosw@identi.ca

    London, United Kingdom

  • Oliver Clark ollyclarkdotorg@identi.ca

    Motorcycling, Programming & Everything Inbetween

  • Tom Sparrow tommytwopens@identi.ca

    London, United Kingdom

  • Amy H. gamerchick02@identi.ca

    Michigan, United States

    Mechanical engineer, sports follower, gamer, lover of the offbeat, music nut, and geek.

  • Shane Marks smarks@identi.ca

    The Pike, Ireland

  • Neal Quincey nealq@identi.ca

    Lincoln, United Kingdom

    Audio Visual / IT Tech. Lincoln College Live sound technician, doing sound for jazz concerts on a monthly basis at Lincoln Drill Hall.

  • etech etech@identi.ca

    Pine View Manor, United States

    I love Linux, distro hopper, Ham radio op, electronics techi, Xfce lover