Les Pounder biglesp@identi.ca

Onchan, Isle of Man

Linux user for the last 10 years, doesn't make me an expert, just a happy user


  • Jason F. McBrayer jfm@identi.ca

    Columbia, United States

    A kind of haunted meat, probably. I don't know.

  • Haris bin Ali haris@identi.ca

    Kampung Tongka, Malaysia

    moving back in?

  • vinzv (inactive) vinzv@identi.ca

    Augsburg, Germany

    This account is inactive, but since pump.io has no account termination feature, I'll have to keep this open. You can follow me at https://gnusocial.de/vinzv

  • Adewale Oshineye adewale@identi.ca

    Photography, programming and poetry. Not always in that order.

  • No one moggers87@identi.ca


    I'm trying to delete me account

  • Richard Fontana fontana@identi.ca

    Native New Yorker/Brooklynite, now in exile

    IAAL. Views in dents solely mine & not those of any past|present employer|client. Fear not the long con!

  • Mrs. NYBill mrsnybill@identi.ca

    Lebanon, United States

  • ⒿⓅⓄⓅⒺ epopj@identi.ca


    Does the pope shit in the woods?

  • navigium navigium@identi.ca

    Plaun dils Matts, Switzerland

    mathematician, ex-cyclemessenger, maths teacher, generally annoying people with his use of free software....

  • Alexander acjss@identi.ca

  • Maverick mavjs@identi.ca

    between 0s & 1s

    Tech enthusiast, lover of *nix systems, Likes #Free / #Libre & #Open #Source Software, #GreenComputing, #Cloud, #InfoSec wannabe, #burma, #myanmar

  • Marie Axelsson maloki@identi.ca

    Vänsjö, Sweden

    Geeky linux gurl. Semiinlove with ubuntu. Write a lot. About everything! Now addicted to #GuildWars2

  • Gadget Wisdom Guru gadgetwisdom@identi.ca

    Woodside Houses, United States

    Editor, Gadget Wisdom Blog and all around interesting guy

  • Chalkahlom chalkahlom@identi.ca

    Budapest, Hungary

  • sirmacik sirmacik@identi.ca

    Gūshdūn, Iran

    Account moved to Friendica. Follow me there (sirmacik@sirmacik.net). It's free, open, powerful and privacy friendly! http://friendica.com

  • Satipera satipera@identi.ca


    Someone who believes that competition is overrated and cooperation is superior in every way. P.S. I am not Mr Hughes.

  • x1101 x1101@identi.ca

    #nerd, #outlaw, #hacker, #freesoftware nut, #linux enthusiast, #metalhead, #scriptslinger, #twitterquitter

  • Stéphane Marguet stemp@identi.ca

    Paris, France

    GNU/Linux user

  • Gerard Ryan grdryn@identi.ca


    I now use https://fmrl.me/grdryn rather than this account. Please connect to me there! :)

  • jon spandexbob@identi.ca

    London, United Kingdom