Bradley M. Kuhn

originally from Baltimore, MD, USA.


  • sazius old account

    Espoo, Finland

    This is my old account. Please follow instead.

  • Vincent Lefèvre

    Lyon, France

  • Kai Blin

  • Alex Hudson

  • ❌

    Hong Kong or Sweden

    Saving the world by solving first-world problems. Moved to .

  • Dave Crossland

    East Parley, United Kingdom

    Freeing fonts.


    Gitorious provides open source infrastructure for hosting open source projects that use Git.

  • Michael R. Bernstein

    Albuquerque, United States

    Python web developer and consultant, science-fiction fan, American-Israeli dual national. Code for America Fellow.

  • Phil Bull

    I'm an astrophysics student, and member of the Ubuntu and GNOME documentation teams

  • leo franchi

    Chesapeake, United States

    i am obsessed with espresso and i hack on tomahawk, libechonest, and amarok.

  • Máirín

    Boston, United States

    I'm an free / open source software interaction designer. I love Fedora and Hello Kitty among other things. Is mise mé féin, cé tusa?

  • donald robertson III

    I'm currently the copyright administrator for the Free Software Foundation. I'm also an attorney.

  • Dave Neary

    Lyon, France

  • David Sugar

    Cape May Court House, United States

    I am Vice Chief of the Cherokees of Idaho and I maintain a number of packages in the GNU project as chief facilitator for GNU Telephony. I travel and speak internationally on free software in telecommunications and issues of Indigenous Sovereignty.

  • Jacob Barkdull

    Freelance web developer & programmer

  • R

  • Raphaël Hertzog

    La Talaudière, France

    Debian developer, Free software consultant, author of a Debian book. My passion: contributing to debian.

  • Melissa

    Math-lover, gamer, science nut and geek.