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   $ ls -1 .Incoming.Conservancy.bkuhn/{cur,new}|wc
   1850    1849  138945

That means that I have 1,850 messages that are either completely unread, or I marked as "must do something about, but not enough time to even figure out what to do with this and remember it into org-mode for TODO queuing".

In Emacs, if I go into my org-mode agenda and do a pipe overdo TODOs into wc, I get 1,572 lines.

That means there are at least 3,422 things for Conservancy that I should have done already that I didn't do.

I can complete roughly 15-30 of these things a day (based on my rough guess), maybe only 5 or 6 on weekend-days. I suspect that the list grows by around 40-50 a day, though.

I'm losing.

:( Maybe you just need an assistant? ;)

Artopal at 2013-12-17T04:09:58Z

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