Command Line Magic

Cool Unix/Linux Command Line tricks you can use in 140 characters or less.


  • dno

    Haskell programmer, Arch Linux user

  • Захария Стургин

    Duesseldorf, Germany

    Free and open source fox.

  • synaesthesin

    Leipzig, Germany

    FOO! xmpp/jabber:

  • Neil Hodges

    Ross (historical), United States

    Cooking and baking on two wheels!

  • John Sullivan

    Impending Doom, United States

    This account is deprecated. Please find me at or This account will soon be deleted.

  • Luis Villa

    San Francisco, United States

  • Evan Prodromou

    Montreal, Canada

    Montreal hacker and entrepreneur. Founder of, lead developer of, CEO of E14N Inc.

  • James Elian

    I'm a programmer when I find the time, and a web developer by necessity.

  • Luke Shumaker

  • Sander

    Uden, Netherlands

    Free/opensource fan. People easily offended must not subsribe or @reply to me. Even better just block me; It's for your own good.

  • unhammer

    Stavanger, Norway

  • Perrken

    Bergen, Norway

    Clueless wanderer in Bergen.

  • Kev Macphail

    Lewis, United Kingdom

    A lewis man, proud dad, Christian, Linux user, podcaster (CCJam, Crivins, TuxJam), Bluenose & (N.O) Saints fan, Married to @lochiesangel

  • Steven! Ragnarök

    Santa Clara, California

    I am the Lunatic Hacker. I like books. I'm in computers and wish to be in deeper. I was a professional barista. On occasion I swing dance.

  • Ed Morgan

    Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

    Former British Soldier, I now work as a consultant focussing on NetApp and VMWare. I like FreeBSD, comics, and rock music.

  • Jeremy Allison

    Jeremy Allison is one of the lead developers on the Samba Team.

  • Harald Welte

    Berlin, Germany

    Linux Kernel Developer, Hacker, Freedom Fighter. Nerd. Kinky.

  • Creative Commons

    Yr usin' my license!

  • The Tor Project, Inc.

    The Internet

    Anonymity Online

  • Uwe Hermann

    Debian, coreboot, flashrom, sigrok, and libopencm3 developer. Free Software and Open Hardware enthusiast and contributor.