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Does anyone know why the top entry keeps truncating from the top for me?  E.g., today I can see a quote in Spanish at the top, "Distrutando de un cafe ...", but not the avatar or name which should show on top of that.  Firefox 40 on Ubuntu.
This is intermittent; I only noticed it last week or so.  Refreshing the page doesn't help.  But posting this note and then refreshing showed me my full entry on top (no truncation).

Sarah Elkins at 2015-08-27T13:17:32Z

When that happens, have you tried unmaximizing the window?

JanKusanagi at 2015-08-27T13:20:17Z

Saw the same behavior, looks like JS is failing to load. refuses TCP connections on a regular basis now, so occasionally some parts of the UI would just stop working.

Roman at 2015-08-27T19:48:01Z

JanKusanagi I'll try that, thanks. 
Roman, thanks for confirming the behavior.

Sarah Elkins at 2015-08-28T03:17:44Z