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Announcing a new match sprint for 150 Supporters

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Conservancy is excited to announce that an anonymous donor has agreed to match 150 new or renewing Supporters. They’ve challenged us to meet the goal quickly: the match starts now along with FOSDEM in Brussels, and runs about a week to the end of Monday, February 13 (noon on Tuesday, February 14 UTC).

This is Conservancy’s most aggressive match program to date. After an impressive rally from the community to meet the end of the Private Internet Access match last month, we’re eager to see whether we can build off that momentum and the buzz of FOSDEM to sign up 150 Supporters in a week. So don’t hesitate: join or renew as a Conservancy Supporter today!

We’re especially looking to use this opportunity to encourage new Supporters to join. If you’re already a Supporter, please spread the word about this match to your friends and colleagues and encourage them to sign up. The bigger our Supporter base, the more projects we can help with fiscal sponsorship, outreach, and compliance work. The more we can do, the more the community benefits, so make sure your friends know about this limited-time chance!

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