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These conflicts between the corporations and the Star Trek fans who are taking ownership of aspects of culture that are important to them seem to be so much deeper than the corporations are capable of understanding.

These stories also lead me to wonder if people will stop investing time and energy into culture that corporations control, or if fans will always try to wrest control later. These fans are clearly capable of servicing their own desires for fictional content. Why wait around for the next corporate idea to be handed down to rally around? Why not build it themselves? How important is marketing in establishing the cultural value of these creations?

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These struggles always confuse me.  Why do dedicated fans work so hard to perpetuate an abusive relationship with a corporation that does not respect them?  What more would it take to actually drive away these fans?

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The only reasons fans do this is because of love. It's not reciprocated (nor does it have to be) but that's the whole onus for it in the first place.

Craig Maloney at 2016-06-27T15:46:47Z

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fortunately, Star Trek is a franchise that is very tolerant of fan works (relatively speaking), so I can at least listen to audio dramas that "get" Star Trek.

David "Judah's Shadow" Blue at 2016-07-04T12:04:52Z

As far as the relationship goes, there is the issue of Canon, fan produced works aren't Canon a and thus aren't official, for Trek this also applies to officially sanctioned books. Though the official status didn't help Star Wars expanded universe....

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