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@Evan Prodromou Hostage taking is definitely how it feels. I'd recommend to get your email up to a good score, but even people who get 10/10 seem to now get their mails hitting gmail spam, and nobody knows why.

I've thought about writing a blogpost about "gmail considered harmful" and haven't gotten to it yet.

Maybe before giving up and switching to google apps for your domain switch to, if you have to.

rozzin, Olivier Mehani, Blaise Alleyne, jrobb and 1 others likes this. sounds like that would be a good blog post. @Evan any chance of routing your outbound mail through a pre-approved anti

Freemor at 2015-01-24T21:43:19Z

Christopher Allan Webber likes this. Apparently I get penalised both for not using SPF and for not using Sender ID....

rozzin at 2015-01-26T07:06:19Z I'd expect anyone who scores 10/10 at to get spam-binned at least some of the time: both SPF and Sender ID are basically asking for your messages to be dropped if they go via anything other than 1-hop delivery.

rozzin at 2015-01-26T07:46:19Z

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