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The amazing people at LulzBot are doing a crowdfunding campaign for their 100% FOSS 3d printers:  > $230k already!

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Mike Linksvayer shared this. Another platform crops up weekly or something. I see it also facilitates equity crowdfunding. We'll see if that plays out as badly as Evan said. Are the boiler rooms ramping up?

Anyway, the name is amusing, as Fundable (turns out they used .org**) was probably the first crowdfunding platform of the modern genre. It failed to gain any traction, and I think one of the founders turned out to be problematic. Dimly recalled blogging about it, indeed I did. Apparently I met one of the remaining people more or less after it was apparently not going anywhere (2006):
In the same vein I met John Pratt of Fundable, which is based in Austin. I got the impression he didn’t think the service could be viral (I disagree). I’ve written about FairShare, Fundable and related ideas several times in the past, mostly linked to in my Public Goods Group Shopping post and its comments. The field is ripe for a really good service.
Kickstarter didn't until 2009. Only 4 years ago!

**It is terrible that goes way over the top in following current robots.txt making really old (web age) content a dark archive.

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Also, hooray Lulzbot! :)

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